Our Faculty

Ted Enamorado

Assistant Professor and Lab Co-Director

Ted Enamorado studies political economy and political methodology.

Christopher Lucas

Assistant Professor and Lab Co-Director

Christopher Lucas studies computational social science. His research develops new methods for analyzing text, audio, and video, which he applies to the study of political communication and media.

Jacob Montgomery

Associate Professor

Professor Montgomery’s research focuses on how to use advanced computational methods for core social science tasks including measurement, theory testing, survey research, and causal inference. Substantively, his research focus is on American politics and (more recently) social media.

Lucia Motolinia

Assistant Professor

Professor Motolinia's research combines observational data, causal inference, and text-analysis to study the way electoral institutions affect important political outcomes such as political selection, party cohesion, and distributive politics.

Anna Wilke

Assistant Professor

Anna Wilke studies the comparative politics of developing countries, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Current work focuses on policing, crime, and gender. Her research employs experimental methods and formal theory, and she also writes on research design.