A New Home for SentimentIt


Since Amazon’s Mechanical Turk updated their API in June 2019, we have been trying to update SentimentIt to work smoothly with the new system. We implemented substantial updates to our platform in advance of these change, yet despite several rounds of revisions we continued to encounter serious bugs related to synchronizing across the systems that are a consequence of the new AMT architecture.

To better serve our users we are migrating SentimentIt’s functionality to a new package, labelR, which bypasses SentimentIt’s servers to send pairwise comparisons directly to Mechanical Turk using its API. The labelR package assists users in formatting the necessary files for creating qualification tests and pairwise comparison tasks, as well as it provides wrappers for sending and downloading comparisons through the MTurk API. labelR will continue to grow with detailed documentation and additional functionality that builds on the foundations of SentimentIt’s data labeling method.

All researchers with in-progress work on the SentimentIt platform were notified of this development in February and were given the opportunity to collect their data stored on our servers by April 1, 2020.

If you have questions or concerns about how the deprecation of SentimentIt has impacted your research, you can post on our Google group dedicated to supporting SentimentIt users who are making the transition to labelR.

We apologize if these technical difficulties have interrupted your research and hope that you found the SentimentIt platform useful while it was in operation.

- The SentimentIt Team